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Create menu using a clear Elementor live content builder. Now You can stuff a menu with whatever content You want! Feel the freedom of creativity!

Based on Elementor

JetMenu is powered by Elementor drag-n-drop page builder, which allows adding any modules right to the menu in the easiest way imaginable! 

Simple & intuitive

JetMenu allows adding Elementor modules right to menu items! Adding content never was so smooth and simple! 

Highly customizable

JetMenu has a totally flexible appearance, allowing to set backgrounds, custom width and use all colors of the world! So it’s only up to you how your menu will look!

Requires no coding skills

You won’t need to learn coding to use JetMenu! It is astonishing how easy you can get perfect results without real effort!

Free Your Creative Potential
with JetMenu!

Enjoy the revolutionary new approach to creating menu! Let a menu become the powerful cornerstone of Your website!

Lots of unique modules for JetMenu within reach!

Go creative and use plentiful modules to get the best results in appearance and functionality!


Enjoy the fully responsive design!

Stop worrying about responsiveness of your website’s menu! With JetMenu it will look great on all types of screens!


24/7 support & clear documentation

Whenever you get questions when using JetMenu, feel free to contact efficient 24/7 support and read detailed documentation to get all the answers!

Get JetMenu Plugin & Build Great Menus!